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Survival List

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Oct. 15th, 2007 | 08:07 pm
mood: determineddetermined
music: Muse "Apocolypse Please"

1) After work find the gym again,  perform hard-core, muscle tearing work-outs.  Sweat hard. Breathe hard.  Hurt and feel stronger.

2) Go out every Friday and/or Saturday night.  Accept all invitations for dinner, drinks and the like within reason.

3) Make daytime plans for Sunday.
a) work out
b) invite someone over and cook dinner
c) go for hikes

4) Take long baths

5) Keep the cell phone off when out with friends, at work, drinking, when at the club, at the bar, shopping, and especially when home alone.

6) Inform friends of #5 and give them the home number or companion's number.

7) Add false digits and/or symbols into trap person's name to prevent accidental, purposely accidental, habitual, and drunk texting (and god forbid dialing).

8) Rehearse the play, write bullshit, journal, and talk about art, alot.

9) Remove reminder, trapping, heart-wrenching, morbidly consumptive, nostalgic, painful songs from ITunes playlist.

10) Smile.

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(no subject)

from: lovecraftlackey
date: Oct. 16th, 2007 05:47 am (UTC)

You have the most beautiful mind of any person I've ever known. Ever.

And this is about the wisest list I've ever seen for survival.

I will call your home number tomorrow. You ARE coming to watch BL4 at the BL5 hotel tomorrow evening, yes? You see, you can't refuse...it goes against your survival manifesto. Muuhahaha. Plus - we need to connect (desperately) about making interview phone calls for the doc.


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